arianna_razzano - about

Born in Caserta (Italy), based in Antwerp.

During significant changes of her life painting and drawing became her way to calm down and express the huge amount of feelings she was used to keep inside.
Since her childhood creativity has always been her voice. Arianna grown up looking at Art and its different forms but during the last decade it turned in her best friend, her why, her wonderland.

After several years of studies, technical and professional experiences, her personal research has evolved in works she feels to share with the rest of the world as main goal, reason why she started selling at street markets in Antwerp city having the opportunity to face her customers which she defines as quite “enlightening”.

Cutting-edge fashion always attracted her but basically she loves to focus on fashion shows’s backstages pictures, more specifically on portraits. This is an industry where she says she feels equally drawn in and alienated by. That sort of approach is reflected in the subjects of her paintings where she captures the beauty and elegance of the fashion’s scene whilst hinting at the uglier/excepted aspects. Depicting imperfections such as dark eye circles or crooked teeth reveals her the “truth behind the mask”.

Birds worlds is her last source of inspiration, she loves their perfect plumage, their brilliant colors and the contrast that angulars shapes create with wings and beak.

Handembroidery is a technique which she embraced during the last 3 years. It turned into a touchable translation of her artworks. Stitch by stitch shapes her drawings into something wearable, where the focus goes on a slow production and sustainable fashion. Embroidering takes a big amount of time and to the customers is required a little bit of patience since the technique takes a bit of time to be applied on each order. Very interesting is the “One of a kind” category on this website. It concerns unique pieces and recycling projects, definitely one of Arianna her favorite productions.

“(Al)ready made” is her reclaime project which aims to customize secondhand/left over stock of fabrics, clothing and accessories.